The Healthcare For You coalition listed below supports our seven-point policy framework that advances free-market, personalized healthcare reform that restores the doctor-patient relationship and achieves true patient choice.

Individual Endorsements

Newt Gingrich on Healthcare for You

Healthcare for You is a smart, comprehensive effort to fix what’s wrong with the current system.”

—Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House
Dr. Tom Price on Healthcare for You

JCNF’s Healthcare for You framework will provide Americans with precisely what they want, more choices for lower prices—and, if Americans like their doctor, they’ll be able to keep their doctor!”

— Dr. Tom Price, former Secretary of Health and Human Services
Dr. John Goodman on Healthcare for You

Extensive research by the Job Creators Network covering thousands of patients and doctors shows that these policy objectives are highly popular.”

— Dr. John Goodman, President and CEO of the Goodman Institute
Steve Moore on Healthcare for You

JCNF’s Healthcare for You framework uses a free-market approach to fixing health care and gives the American people the thing they want most… choices.”

— Steve Moore, Co-Founder, Committee to Unleash Prosperity

Partner Organizations

Americans for Fair Taxation

American Hotel & Lodging Association

American Legislative Exchange Council

Associated Builders and Contractors Greater Michigan Chapter

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

Association of American Physicians & Surgeons (Texas Chapter)

Association of Independent Doctors

Association of Mature American Citizens

Citizen Health

Coalition to Protect Patient Choice

Colorado Business Roundtable

Colorado Women's Alliance

Committee to Unleash Prosperity

Core Strategy Group

Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation

DPC Action

Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association

Free Market Medical Association


Georgia for FairTax

HOPE for Docs

Humanitarian Physicians Empowerment Community

Independent Physicians for Patient Independence

Independent Women's Forum

Independent Women's Voice

International Foodservice Manufacturers Association

Lean Frontiers

Manufacturer & Business Association

Northwest Douglas County Economic Development Corporation

Ohio Hotel & Lodging Association

Pacific Research Institute

Patient Rights Advocate

Physicians Against Drug Shortages

Physicians for Reform

Restoring Medicine


Texas Osteopathic Medical Association


Young Americans Against Socialism

Your Freedom Hub

Moms for America Inc.