Personalized healthcare reform a solution seniors need

“Seniors are concerned about the future of their health care — and for good reason.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) left patients with fewer options and rising premiums. Now, politicians in Washington are considering another overhaul of the American health care system that could eat away at the health care resources seniors currently enjoy. Many on the left argue that the only fix is to dive head-first into a single-payer Medicare for All system, but there’s a better solution that would put Americans, not bureaucrats, in control of health care decisions.

Seniors have specifically made their demands clear: They want easy access to their doctors and prescription drugs at lower costs. That’s where Healthcare for You comes into play and can offer a better alternative — a policy framework developed by the Job Creators Network Foundation in partnership with Physicians for Reform, and a policy package mirrored by President Donald Trump’s America First Healthcare Plan. It would empower seniors to make their own medical decisions in consultation with the doctors they already know and trust.”

Read the full op-ed on the Telegraph Herald by Dr. Eric Stader, a practicing family physician in Wisconsin and a partner of JCN Foundation.