Framework for Personalized Care That Puts You and Your Doctors in Charge

We’re at a crossroads in our nation’s healthcare future. A majority of House Democrats in Washington sponsored legislation to outlaw your existing coverage and put you on a government run plan. Approaches like a public option—Medicare for All on the installment plan—double down on the past decade of Obamacare’s failures, especially soaring premiums and deductibles and limited access to the doctors and hospitals you want and need.

Americans know we need real change. We want everyone to get better coverage and care but don’t want the government to take over. And the COVID-19 pandemic has shown how important it is for Americans to have secure health coverage even if they lose or change jobs.

We’ve talked to tens of thousands of Americans who name healthcare as a number one issue. You want a different path. You want to be in charge of your healthcare without asking Washington politicians or health insurance bureaucrats for permission.

You want a path that empowers you by:

  • Protecting you if you get sick, have a pre-existing condition, or need financial help with better options, including plans that cover the doctors you need to get and stay healthy.
  • Saving you money on healthcare and drugs with price transparency for easy comparison shopping, more choices for health coverage, ending unnecessary tests and procedures that increase the costs of care, and allowing you to benefit financially when you choose lower cost care.
  • Eliminating your risk of surprise medical bills with price and coverage transparency and truth in advertising.
  • Keeping your health coverage and doctors when you change or lose your job by giving you more control over your healthcare dollars and employer benefits.
  • Modernizing your healthcare and coverage with personalized medicine, including telehealth and plans that help you stay healthy and take care of you when you are sick.
  • Empowering you to choose a personal doctor directly, who is independent of your insurance coverage and can advocate for the care you need.

This path moves power and control away from Washington and insurance companies and toward an innovative, patient-centered approach that gives you more control and better choices at lower costs, all while protecting the vulnerable. That’s Healthcare for You: personalized care that puts you and your doctors in charge.