There’s a lot of talk in Washington about healthcare reform. Everyone knows Obamacare isn’t working, but there’s disagreement over the solution. Some politicians are making big plans, promising to make everything better and cheaper. They call it Medicare for All.

We’ve been here before. The last time politicians passed a big healthcare bill, we were promised we’d save $2,500 a year, as well as keep our plans and our doctors. It was called ObamaCare – and it didn’t work out.

The numbers don’t lie. Americans have access to fewer and fewer health plan choices while costs are skyrocketing. Since 2013, individual healthcare premiums have more than doubled and family plans have nearly tripled.

There’s a reason. Lobbyists, bureaucrats and politicians are making the decisions that determine what care I get.

But now there’s a movement in the country to put patients and doctors back in the driver’s seat. It’s called Healthcare for You. The policy framework will repair, restore and improve the doctor-patient relationship, get D.C. bureaucrats and politicians out of the exam room and empower patients with more choice.

It’s time for politicians to unite behind a healthcare reform framework that works for me, not simply make the problems we are currently experiencing as a result of Obamacare worse.

As your constituent, I support Healthcare For You. I hope you will stand behind it as well.